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Heating and Air Questions – Mobile, AL

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Heating and Air Questions and Answers

Should I get my AC serviced every year?

Servicing your AC system helps it operate efficiently as well as helps to extend it’s life. Regular AC maintenance is recommended two times per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. As AC systems age they start to lose efficiency which in turn decreases your comfort. Servicing your AC system regularly can help it keep you cool and comfortable.

How much should AC maintenance cost?

The cost of AC maintenance will vary based on what is included in the service. A planned maintenance agreement can help you ensure you are aware of all charges for your air conditioning maintenance as well as save you money with discounts on repairs as well as accessories.

How do I know if I need a new air conditioner?

If your AC system is over 10 years old or making strange noises it may be time to consider a system replacement. Older unit are not as efficient as newer ones which can cause an increase in your utility bills. If you have noticed a rise in electric bills in the past year calling for a free system replacement estimate may make sense.

Can you replace just the outside AC unit?

While you can replace just your outside AC unit there are a couple reasons you may not want to. Only replacing your outside AC unit may make it more expensive to replace the rest of your system in the long run. Matching your system is also important which is a reason most people choose to replace both the indoor and outdoor portions of their HVAC systems. If you are considering replacing your HVAC system calling for a free system replacement estimate can help you decide what makes the most sense for your home.

Will a new AC unit lower my electric bill?

Aging AC units tend to create an increase in utility bills including electric. If you are seeing a rise in your electric bill your AC unit may be to blame. Units over 10 years are less efficient than newer systems causing this issue. Although we cannot guarantee you will see a decrease in your utility bills a new AC system may help you see a change in your electric bill.

What does 16 SEER mean in air conditioning?

SEER rating stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. A 16 SEER unit uses an average of 13% less energy to cool your home compared to a 14 SEER unit. Higher SEER ratings equal higher efficiency which in the long run saves you money as they operate.

What to do if AC is making noise?

If your AC system is making strange noises you may be in need of a repair. Noises can run from humming to banging to hissing. Any of these noises should be evaluated by a licensed HVAC professional. Trying to diagnose a strange AC noise yourself is not recommended.

What do I do if my AC isn’t blowing cold air?

If your AC system is not blowing cold air check your filter and condenser coil. When you see ice buildup turn your system off to defrost it then call a licensed HVAC professional to diagnose the problem. If you are in need of repair they can help you get back to the comfort you deserve.

What causes an AC compressor to stop working?

A few things can cause an AC compressor to stop working including blocked suction lines or a dirty condenser coil. If you think your AC compressor is not working as it should we recommend calling an HVAC professional to look over your system. While the problem may seem simple they can help diagnose it as well as give you a recommended plan of action to repair it.

Mobile, AL Heating and Air Questions

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